Helical piling

Helical Piling is a non-disruptive form of foundation stabilisation. Godden Structural offer a full range of helical piling services for both new builds and repairs. We are approved contractors for the installation of the Heli–pile system manufactured by Helical Systems UK.


Full Helical Pile design service available to suit individual projects, with pile sizes ranging from 60mm to 1m.

New build

With construction sites becoming more and more sensitive to noise, dust and vibration issues, Helical Piles are now a real cost effective alternative to traditional piling. Installation can be carried out with conventional machinery, Helical Piles produce minimal spoil an added environmental benefit, they are also vibration free and produce very low noise during installation.

Foundation stabilisation

Helical Piles can also be used in conjunction with superstructure masonry reinforcement schemes when used in conjunction with specially designed jacking caps.

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