Retaining walls

Sometimes retaining walls can be prevented from failing further by installing soil nails through them, pinning them back to the subsoil behind them and reinforcing the masonry they are constructed in.

Repair to retaining wall using the Heli Pile

A stainless stud was connected to the last pile to protrude through the brickwork but recessed behind the front face of the brick.

The horizontal mortar joints were cut out 10mm wide and 65mm deep, using a mortar raking machine fitted with a dust extraction system, at 450mm centres over the height of the walls.

Two 6mm continuous stainless steel helical bars were inserted into the pre-cut joints with cementous non-shrink pumpable grout.

At the points where the stud from the pile protruded, 6mm stainless steel helical wire were placed either side. A large stainless steel washer and nut clamped the helical wire to the pile and the connection was pressure grouted on completion of the installation.

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