Case study: Local authority

Structural repairs for a tower block, London Borough of Enfield

Constable House is a low-rise tower block in the London Borough of Enfield. Serious structural defects were discovered by Enfield Council’s structural engineers to the brick infill panels on this concrete framed building.

The brick panels were found to be bowed and cracked and on closer inspection wall ties were found to be failed or completely missing! Traditional solutions were looked at including completely refurbishing the concrete nibs and rebuilding the brick panels but this option was not within budget limitations.

Godden Structural together with manufacturers Target Fixings were asked to provide a structural solution to the problem. Engineers from Target Fixings produced a remedial scheme and Godden Structural being approved contractors carried out the remedial installation.

New wall ties were installed to provide stability to the panels using Dry Flex Ties. Horizontal expansion joints were formed at the top of every panel below the supporting concrete nibs to prevent further bulging of the brick panels.

The slip bricks in front of the concrete nibs were pinned back to the concrete nibs with 8mm Retro Flex ties and the voids behind them filled with XL Grout Making them a structural element rather than just masking the concrete nib.

Twin masonry beams were installed across the width of the panels 4No: in each panel with each returned into the end vertical concrete columns.

This installation was completed ahead of schedule.

  • Case study – repairs to Constable House, London Borough of Enflied using Dry Flex Ties
    Constable House, London Borough of Enfield

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